Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dancing in your undies makes a day complete

Sometimes it's ME who needs the reminder that after bathtime=settle down time... but it's hard to enforce it when I have two boys who are having so much fun together being brothers.  We don't get moments like this too often... so I really do try and cherish them when they happen- even if they're happening when we should be going to sleep, or at the very least, settling down.

I absolutely HATE max & ruby... it is my least favorite cartoon- and of course Zachary loves it.  

"I play drums. I in band"- so cute.  He is definitely our music baby.

Zac's current favorite game: ring around the rosy... They play this game about 15 times in a row- and don't usually stop until Deacon says something like, "Mommy... my tummy is starting to not feel good."

(and yeah... I'm totally aware that Deacon will be in therapy someday because of the pictures I choose to publicly post)


Krianca said...

We're all in therapy for something. Might as well make it fun ;)

Laura said...

Adorable!!! Love your boys!