Friday, April 22, 2011

Carden Easter Egg Hunt


I'm not sure if I've mentioned this week lately how much I adore Carden... so I'll do it again- I LOVE this school.  They had their annual Easter Egg hunt and we let them borrow the Easter Bunny costume- and there was a whole group of kids who wanted to play the bunny... and the best part was that the kid who got to do it, Eric, is the tallest 8th grader- and the costume looked so funny on him.  None of us could stop laughing- it was so adorable.  And let me tell you, Eric did an awesome job... he played around the kids, danced, and waved his little paws off.  So.proud.

This is the Easter Bunny with Mr. Pena (aka- Deacon's favorite person on the face of this earth - the p.e. teacher and coach for all the sports teams)

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