Saturday, April 2, 2011

Can ya dig it?

Deacon's spring performance was Friday night... it had been canceled twice because of the rain- and last night it was absolutely gorgeous- so it was worth the wait.  The theme of the performance was "jazz."  I've realized two more reasons why I love Carden so much... Due to the size, a performance that involves the entire school, with a lot of solos, only takes 45 minutes... and secondly this wasn't just a performance, this was a history lesson for these kids- they told us all about the history of jazz and knew the names of all the composers and famous singers of the songs they were singing.  It was great.

Deacon did a nice job... though he alternated between embarrassment and a dorky smile (caused by watching me pointing to my mouth and mouthing the word, "SMILE!").  He's not one to like the lime light like this... definitely does NOT take after his mama and daddy!

Deacon's solo- he got to say, "Can ya dig it?"

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Natalie said...

How cool! I hope I find a good school for Abby down the road. I totally dig it!