Friday, April 22, 2011

The bunny...

30 years (or so) ago my mom decided to make an Easter Bunny costume... I grew up with this Easter Bunny- she always came to my school and any other event going on in Sandusky (my hometown).  And now this same Easter Bunny is visiting my children... I love that.  But this year I felt like the Easter Bunny needed a makeover... not only was her "outfit" a little dated, the head piece was unbearable to wear- my mom did a great job, but was more concerned with the integrity of the bunny (not letting little kids see there was a person inside the costume)- and by doing this, there was no place to really get a fresh breath of air.  So this year I pretty much laid it down for my mom- if the bunny didn't get a makeover, the bunny was going to retire (unless, of course, Grandma wanted to continue on the tradition of wearing the costume- which I knew she wouldn't agree to).  Thankfully everything was a pretty easy fix (easy for me to say, I just sat back and watched!)... and in the end, the bunny looked amazing- as always.

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