Friday, April 29, 2011

Everybody was kung-fu fighting...

Deacon cracks me up... every time he puts on his ninja bandana thing he'll go to the mirror and practice his ninja moves.  The best part?- the faces he makes.  So.Funny.  The second best part?  He gets so into his ninja "twirls" (his word) that he'll fall flat on his booty... but he gets back and pretends that he meant to do that.  Such a ninja.

Zac overload...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter from Grammy & Grumpy

These two boys were so excited to see a package had come for them tonight... Zac ran around the house screaming, "A PRESENT! A PRESENT!"  Grammy & Grumpy picked this stuff out all by themselves and I'll tell you what- I was impressed.  They couldn't have done better.  Both boys immediately ignored the other boys' new toy and played with their own new thing... which NEVER happens (seriously, never).

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Deacon woke us up today bright and early... the Easter Bunny had left a trail of eggs from his room leading downstairs - and this boy was NOT going to wait for his brother to wake up.  So Damien and I (and Grandma, of course) drug ourselves out of bed to hunt for baskets... thankfully the bunny knows we are all very impatient in this house and chose not to hide the baskets in very difficult spaces- so we were able to have some good play time before Zac woke up.  (oh, and... when did Easter become a mini-version of Christmas??? I think I need to check myself a bit more next year... this was ridiculous)

Zac woke up and LOVED putting the trail of Easter eggs into his basket... it was his favorite part of the morning, by far.  The first basket he found was his guitar and drum... and it was the last basket he found- because the instruments trumped all other baskets... he was genuinely NOT interested in anything else for a good hour- all he wanted was the guitar and drums.

The boys loved the bubbles they got and we spent a good portion of the morning outside blowing bubbles- Zac really does not understand the concept whatsoever... and thankfully Deacon was a good sport and helped him a lot.  Damien got a mento and diet coke science experiment- which we all thought was pretty funny... though it ended WAY too quickly- and we only had one pack of mentos and one thing of diet coke.

Easter brunch was spent in the company of our good friends, Ed & Logan... we decided to forgo cooking and fancy buffets, and hit up John's Incredible Pizza company.  The kids had an absolute blast- and by the time we got home Zac was so overly tired... the poor kid is still not feeling great and we ran him rampant all morning... but he was refusing to nap, so the rest of the afternoon/evening was spent putting a great amount of effort into entertaining Zac.

All in all, we had a pretty nice day... the spoiling definitely does not help with the attitudes around our house- and I need to remind myself of that next year.  To my credit, a lot of the spoiling is the result of Grandma being here... and who am I to tell a Grandma that she can't spoil her boys?  I guess on that note I'm just going to have to suck it up...

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend...

Zac has an obsession with washing his hands... We have to keep this chair in this spot or else he will panic that he does not have immediate access to the sink.  Thankfully he's gotten better at starting and stopping the water- so we don't have to get up to help every.single.time. (which tends to be multiple times an hour).  I can't complain, though... I'm sure there are worse habits. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

This is a sick boy...

As if Damien needed a lesson in what a sick kid truly looks like... we got one- only days after he started feeling better.  So sad... he spiked a fever pretty much right when he got home tonight.

Carden Easter Egg Hunt


I'm not sure if I've mentioned this week lately how much I adore Carden... so I'll do it again- I LOVE this school.  They had their annual Easter Egg hunt and we let them borrow the Easter Bunny costume- and there was a whole group of kids who wanted to play the bunny... and the best part was that the kid who got to do it, Eric, is the tallest 8th grader- and the costume looked so funny on him.  None of us could stop laughing- it was so adorable.  And let me tell you, Eric did an awesome job... he played around the kids, danced, and waved his little paws off.  So.proud.

This is the Easter Bunny with Mr. Pena (aka- Deacon's favorite person on the face of this earth - the p.e. teacher and coach for all the sports teams)

Bunk Bed!!!

Deacon is SO excited that Damien finally got around to putting up his bunk bed!  And I never imagined it would look so great in his room... I did good :)  I'm also proud to report that Deacon slept the entire night on the top bunk!!!- he was a bit concerned at first, but now LOVES it.
Zac is enjoying it too... little does he know that bottom bunk has his name on it when he's old enough to share a room with his Bubs!

{pictures aren't so great... my flash was on a funky setting and I didn't realize this until AFTER I took all the pictures}

Sick day...

Today Damien comes into the bedroom and tells me that Deacon has a fever and should stay home... I don't argue, and agree that he should stay home and get healthy so he's ready for the Easter egg hunt at Carden tomorrow.  Well... I'm not sure where Damien learned to read the thermometer, nor am I sure how Damien assessed that Deacon was sick... because this boy was absolutely FINE.  So fine, in fact, that we met Aiden, Allison & Dawn at the park for lunch and playtime... on a sick day.  Yeah, I'm not winning any  "mother of the year" awards for that... but hey, we were wanting to get out and he truly was NOT sick.  So why not have some fun and enjoy these times that he can still take a sick day without missing a ton of work?!?