Friday, March 11, 2011

Our favorite...

Years ago when I met Damien I was eating spaghetti sauce out of a jar... and thinking it was pretty tasty.  I was also going to places like Olive Garden and thoroughly enjoying their spaghetti dinners.  But then I was invited to dinner with my future in-laws... and they made "suga" and meatballs- the recipe courtesy of Damien's Grandma (that's who made it for Damien when he was younger... the recipe dates much further back in the family- they originated from Italy).  I ate this sauce and my world was changed.  Jarred spaghetti sauce? Yuck.  I have a HUGE aversion to it now... and rarely will I ever even feed it to my children.  Ever since my first experience with suga, I have never looked back- and thank God the entire family feels the same way :)  I only wish I was able to taste the spaghetti sauce made by my Grandma-in-law... the thing about this sauce is that it tastes a little different depending on the chef... which is so interesting to me.  I've tried this sauce from 3 different people... Damien's mom, Damien's aunt and now my own- and all 3 rock, but each one is slightly different.
Anyway... the boys don't care who makes it- as long as it's made and not from a jar (though honestly, I don't think Zac is at a point where he much cares where his spaghetti sauce comes from... but he's getting there)


Heidi said...

I usually read your blog in a reader but popped over to comment and have to say everything looks so cute and cheerful! I love the picture of you guys!

Anyway - popped over to say I would LOVE a recipe! This sounds really delicious!

djfive said...

love it!