Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One of Zac's bday gifts...

I realized the other day that I hadn't photographed one of Zac's birthday gifts that we love SO much... my mom spent so much time making this beautiful alphabet book- and Zac adores it.  Almost every morning when he wakes up we go downstairs and read this book before he heads off to school- and each time we read it I am more amazed at the intricate detailing of this book.  At first look, it seems like just a normal little cloth book- but it is so much more... and there is little detailing on each and every page... and so much personalization.  A lot of love went into this book- and I hope Zac will someday recognize how special this book truly is... but until that day he is enjoying "rawrr'ing" at the lion, un-zipping the zipper, and barking at the dog (and cat)- which is a pretty nice reaction considering the source.

So, thank you mom, for making this book for our boy... and thanks to dad for giving mom the time to go to Florida to make it - because one MUST go to Miami, Florida to make such a beautiful book.

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