Monday, March 21, 2011

New house!!!

So we did it!  We are officially in our new home and very much loving the idea of getting our life back to "normal."  Friday was the actual moving day- and our first night in the new house... and of course the weather decides to show us what's up- it was in the 40's and pouring rain.  We seriously couldn't have picked a colder or wetter day in the past few months to move.  But that's ok- it got the movers to move quickly... who wants to move in the rain?  As of now we've only got a little bit left at the old house... and the new house is very much close to being unpacked... we need to find homes for a lot more stuff- but we're very much settled in to a point of being comfortable.

The boys are loving the house... and it's so nice to see them getting back to their normal selves.  This move is really taking its toll on them- and I can't blame them... they're playing off our emotions as well as their own... they don't know which way is up half the time- and it's a pretty confusing situation to have your entire life packed and moved to a strange place.  But all the new room is a huge plus to all of us- and the boys LOVE the extra play areas they now have access to!  So it's all good.

My goal is to have both houses completed by April 1... Wish me luck!

Here are a bunch of pictures taken from the past couple of days... our bedroom and bathroom have the most amazing lighting in the evening - and the view from our window is beautiful when the sun is setting.  Enjoy!

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Samantha said...

Ummm... my favorite is Damien pinching Zac's cheek. AWESOME! LOL!