Saturday, March 12, 2011

Less than one week...

We've got less than one week until the movers show up... and so we were, without a doubt, thrilled beyond belief when a friend offered to take Deacon off our hands for a couple hours during Zac's naptime- and Deacon was probably even more excited than we were... because it meant that instead of sitting quietly in his room or watching a movie downstairs he got to go hang out with our friend and his little boy at the Lego store-- and Damien and I got an entire 2 hours of packing done without a restless little boy begging us to play with him.  But the fun doesn't stop there... because when our friend got back with the kids, he offered to help Damien move boxes from the upstairs to the garage- and we are not ones to turn away free labor.  Thank God for good friends...

After spending the whole day working it was a relief to play outside with the kids... the kids had played outside a lot today, but pretty much entertained themselves while we worked in the garage.  It was nice to have accomplished so much and feel as though we could take a break without worrying about how much we had left to do.

{notice the boxes in the background???}  
I think it's definitely time to start really considering a haircut for this boy... there are days that a pony tail is the only way to keep the hair out of his eyes- and a pony tail like this on a boy is definitely not "in."  Oh, and if you look closely enough you can see the huge bruise on his forehead... which happened during Damien's watch.

New shoes. I told him he needed a good pair of running shoes- and out of the 10 different styles and colors, this is what we got.  He's so fashion forward. 

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