Friday, March 4, 2011

Hooray for Carden School!

So, first off, let me explain the pictures... today was Pajama Day at Carden- they don't typically look like this, even on a Friday, LOL.  The kids were SO excited about pajama day... what's neat is that the teachers participated as well- which was so funny to see this morning at assembly.  

Kindergarten lead assembly all this week- and today being Friday means they get to do a mini performance.  I think their morning assembly is so cute- most of the time it makes me cry because I love it so much... I love how confident it's making them- there has been a HUGE improvement in how Deacon leads assembly since the first week of school.  

And on a really exciting note... it's OFFICIAL- Deacon will be going to 1st grade at Carden next year!  We turned in our deposit, securing his spot for Mrs. Facino's 1st grade class.  I turned in the check and cried... it was an emotional day for me, LOL.  How is it possible that I have a 1st grader?  ::sigh:: It's going too fast.  But I'm honestly thrilled that he's going back to Carden... I really couldn't be happier.  This school has been an absolute blessing- I have nothing but good things to say about this school and Deacon's first year in elementary school.  

{the title of the post comes from the Carden School song, LOL- it's my favorite part... where they say, "Carden School! Carden School! Hooray for Carden School!"- it's so funny and cheesy}

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