Saturday, March 26, 2011

Best friends...

I know our friends are working really hard at their remodel, and they are more than ready to have their lives back to normal... but Deacon, Zachary, Damien and I are secretly hoping it takes a bit longer- because we are really loving these once a weekend all day playdates we've been having.  The two older boys disappear pretty much all day and Dawn and I stay downstairs with the two littles... who are turning into handfuls!  Years ago we used to have to worry about Deacon & Aiden- the two would fight like brothers all.the.time. Now they play SO well together and we hear very little from them all day.  But today we realized how much Zachary and Allison are starting to remind us of Aiden and Deacon... Allison LOVES to play "mommy" with Zachary- and if you know Zac, you know that he is NOT having anyone tell him what to do, LOL.  So we spend a good deal of the day saying things like, "Zachary! Just say 'no thank you Allison'!!!"- to which he screams (or cries) "NO.THANK.YOU.ASSON!!!"  hahaha!!!  But at the end of the day Zachary is asking for Allison once they leave... and the next day it's all he talks about.
Unfortunately for us, it seems as though the remodel might be close to being complete- and I don't think we'll have too many of these mandatory all day playdates weekly anymore... though it's not as if we won't ever see them again- which is how I'm kind of making this sound, LOL.  But after the remodel is complete we'll get to go back to hanging out at their house sometimes too... and really, that makes me pretty happy too... I've definitely missed my favorite Harrigan ;-)

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