Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I never imagined myself as someone who would suffer (or who DOES suffer) from any sort of seasonal depressive issues... and I don't really think it's anything too serious with me, but tonight I realized how much of a funk I have been in lately- and I didn't realize it until I took Deacon outside after school for a popsicle in our backyard.  I was laying there on a blanket in my shorts and tanktop soaking in the 80 degree weather and beautiful breeze... and all of a sudden an all too familiar feeling hit me- true happiness. I'm not trying to be all emo on you all- I've been happy lately... but in a funk- and very much NOT motivated.  But those 10 minutes I spent in the sun it was just absolute pure happiness- it felt amazing.  So I'm realizing that working from home these funks are all too easy to just fall into and not realize it... and it doesn't help that my down time at work comes during the crappiest time of year in regards to weather.  The funniest part to me is that I would never imagine that someone in California could suffer from a seasonal type of disorder- I mean, who could be depressed living in California (all Republican and tea party friends are not to answer this question)???!!!  But once you live here for a while the warm weather becomes normal... and cold weather becomes anything less than 60 degrees.  And while it doesn't snow where we live, it rains and it's gloomy... and today I realized just how much I miss my true California weather.  

This doesn't bode well for a move back to Ohio anytime soon ;-)  

Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm sure it's become pretty evident that I'm obsessed with taking my kids' picture during bathtime... the lighting is fabulous and it's one of the only times I'm almost guaranteed they'll be getting along and doing something cute together.

Zac was "cook-ing ee stirrrrrr-ing" (cooking and stirring)... 

Every good chef takes a sample before serving, right?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A new game...

He was seriously so pleased with himself over this... he would collect all the paci's he could find, hurry up- climb into his rocker, then one by one, put one in his mouth, pop it out, throw it on the floor... and repeat with every paci on the chair until they are all on the floor... and then we REPEAT!

Sheer genius.

Who knew snacktime...

... could be so much fun?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Best friends...

I know our friends are working really hard at their remodel, and they are more than ready to have their lives back to normal... but Deacon, Zachary, Damien and I are secretly hoping it takes a bit longer- because we are really loving these once a weekend all day playdates we've been having.  The two older boys disappear pretty much all day and Dawn and I stay downstairs with the two littles... who are turning into handfuls!  Years ago we used to have to worry about Deacon & Aiden- the two would fight like brothers all.the.time. Now they play SO well together and we hear very little from them all day.  But today we realized how much Zachary and Allison are starting to remind us of Aiden and Deacon... Allison LOVES to play "mommy" with Zachary- and if you know Zac, you know that he is NOT having anyone tell him what to do, LOL.  So we spend a good deal of the day saying things like, "Zachary! Just say 'no thank you Allison'!!!"- to which he screams (or cries) "NO.THANK.YOU.ASSON!!!"  hahaha!!!  But at the end of the day Zachary is asking for Allison once they leave... and the next day it's all he talks about.
Unfortunately for us, it seems as though the remodel might be close to being complete- and I don't think we'll have too many of these mandatory all day playdates weekly anymore... though it's not as if we won't ever see them again- which is how I'm kind of making this sound, LOL.  But after the remodel is complete we'll get to go back to hanging out at their house sometimes too... and really, that makes me pretty happy too... I've definitely missed my favorite Harrigan ;-)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nothing to do...

With all the packing and unpacking we've realized that our kids really haven't been getting a ton of quality attention from us lately... sure, we pay attention to them and they're certainly not neglected or abused- but they really aren't use to all this running around and uncertainty.  So tonight we decided to stop with the unpacking/rearranging and just focus on family... and the kids had a pretty good time.  Though in all honesty it wasn't as lovey dovey as I originally intended- both boys complained about the others' movie selection and neither could agree on where we actually watched the movie... so to avoid further fighting we had one movie on in the bedroom and the other on in the loft... but thankfully Zac wasn't too into his movie so we all ended up in the loft anyway- which is when the boys started ganging up on Damien.  After a relatively nice evening we put the kids to bed at their normal bedtime- which hasn't happened in over a week... and needless to say, neither actually fell asleep until right around 9pm- which is insanely late for them.  But all in all, it was a nice evening... I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks when we've completely emptied the other house/garage and completely unpacked this house.  I'm a big fan of our normal "boring" lives ;-)

This picture below cracks me up... Zachary has been OBSESSED with our windows in this house- absolutely, 100%, obsessed.  He wakes up in the morning and runs into our bedroom to look out the window... and when we're in the loft he's straining to look out this window.  And then we realized why... in the house that he's grown up in, we had absolutely no windows that he could look out of!  All our windows were higher up- and the patio door downstairs only looked into our backyard, which (surprisingly enough) isn't very exciting!  So this boy is in heaven being able to see all the birds, the rain, the trees, and his favorite by far- the garbage cans (seriously, he lives for garbage day).

Monday, March 21, 2011

New house!!!

So we did it!  We are officially in our new home and very much loving the idea of getting our life back to "normal."  Friday was the actual moving day- and our first night in the new house... and of course the weather decides to show us what's up- it was in the 40's and pouring rain.  We seriously couldn't have picked a colder or wetter day in the past few months to move.  But that's ok- it got the movers to move quickly... who wants to move in the rain?  As of now we've only got a little bit left at the old house... and the new house is very much close to being unpacked... we need to find homes for a lot more stuff- but we're very much settled in to a point of being comfortable.

The boys are loving the house... and it's so nice to see them getting back to their normal selves.  This move is really taking its toll on them- and I can't blame them... they're playing off our emotions as well as their own... they don't know which way is up half the time- and it's a pretty confusing situation to have your entire life packed and moved to a strange place.  But all the new room is a huge plus to all of us- and the boys LOVE the extra play areas they now have access to!  So it's all good.

My goal is to have both houses completed by April 1... Wish me luck!

Here are a bunch of pictures taken from the past couple of days... our bedroom and bathroom have the most amazing lighting in the evening - and the view from our window is beautiful when the sun is setting.  Enjoy!