Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sugar & Spice... (aka- why Zac will be needing psychotherapy by the time he's 10)

You know... we say that we wanted two boys, but in reality, we wanted a little girl- so instead of dressing Zac like the little boy he is, we occasionally put him in girl clothes... it makes us feel better.  Thank goodness for friends who have girls... we can just borrow their clothes instead of having to go out and buy our own.  
{I'm totally joking.. it's only Damien who really wanted the little girl... and the only reason we ever dress Zac like this is because we're horrible parents who forget to put a jacket on our kid when we leave the house... so he ends up wearing Allison's sweater's so he can go out and play with the other kids}


Samantha said...

bwahahaha! LOVE it. :D

Lisa B. said...

Last week, I let Phoenix pick what hat he wanted to wear to daycare... and... of course... he picked my maroon, fuzzy one - it was adorable on him! And, all of the teachers loved it!