Sunday, February 6, 2011

No hands...

Deacon decided he was done with training wheels... I'm not exactly sure when or why he came to this conclusion, but he was adamant.  So we agreed... and not so willingly, I might add.  But come to find out... it took longer to take the wheels off than it did for him to actually learn this new skill.  We were so excited for him... but more importantly, he was SO proud of himself.  It was really sweet to watch.

Zac, on the other hand, is not interested in riding a bike... or playing outside in general... he's more interested in cleaning.

(sorry in advance for the insane amount of pictures...)

 Getting warmed up to take off the training wheels... 

 The first time Damien lets go!

 The streets MUST be cleaned for Deacon!

 SO proud.

 He can even turn on his own! I know it sounds silly, but I was super impressed by this one!

 He has now found every single sweeping device that we have kept in our garage.

He's not impressed.


GrumpE said...

Hey! No one has commented on the NO Hands Kid! You go, guy! Mom's not the only one proud of you. And to Zac: keep up the good work, Sweepy!

Unknown said...

This post made me smile!

I've been reading for a while but I decided to de-lurk to tell you I'm awarding you a blogging award. Feel free to stop by my blog to see the details.