Thursday, February 10, 2011

LOVING this weather!!!

This boy LOVES that he can ride a bike without training wheels... and asks all.the.time if we can go out and practice.  He's doing such a great job- but his bike is unfortunately still a bit too big for him... so he struggles with getting on and pushing off... After a while tonight he started to get the hang of it a LOT better.  The one thing is that he is trying to be such a dare devil... he wants to do all these "cool tricks"- forgetting that today was literally only the 3rd day he has ever ridden a bike without training wheels.  So he'll try to do a wheelie on the curb or he'll go up a hill to speed down... and then there are the other times when he is just 100% distracted by something else and he rides up onto the grass and falls... But other than that, he's doing great ;-)

Zac is still completely uninterested in doing anything but sweeping the streets... and is in a panic mode the entire time we're outside, trying to find more brooms, mops, etc... He's insane.

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