Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day!

We had a great playdate today (you were missed, Lisa!!!)... Dawn and kids came over around 9:15am and didn't leave until after dinner.  I love that a playdate for my kids still means a playdate for me... and it ended up being such a fun way to spend our Monday off work.  All 4 kids were VERY well behaved... though by the time the date was over, they were all quite overly tired... and at least mine were quite miserable to put to bed.  But oh well... it was worth it.  Oh, and you'll notice very few pictures of Deacon & Aiden... mainly because they essentially disappeared upstairs for the entire day... Lego's will always win their attention over mom's and siblings.

It was SUCH a gorgeous day... albeit a little bit chilly ;-)

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