Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crab feed...

So being from Ohio, I had never heard of a crab feed prior to moving out to California... In Ohio we do things like pancake breakfasts and spaghetti dinners... and the occasional perch feed during Lent, of course.  But in California- we do crab feeds.  It's how we roll.

So Carden had their annual Crab Feed (which is a fundraiser, of course) last night... and we were fortunate enough to have three of our favorite couples join us at our table.  It was a great night in good company... and I was again reminded why I love this school so much.  The parents are just so much fun- so nice and so personal... and the staff- amazing.  Almost all the teachers were there having a great time- and some of them even helped staff the event!  The best part of the event were the raffles and auctions (both silent and live)... we raised thousands of dollars off of donated (free) items- all of that goes directly back to the school.   The best auction items were the class projects... the Kindergarten quilt went for $310!!!  I bid up to $100- but that was nothing seeing as though every other parent was right there with me... most of us had a threshold of about $100, but a few of them had very little "budget" to work with... there were two parents "fighting" for it- which was so awesome to see.  This morning when we woke up the first thing Deacon asked was- "Did you buy the quilt for me!?!?"  LOL... um, no, sorry!

Anyway, it was so much fun... and I am definitely a fan of the California way of doing fundraisers...
 About to begin the crab feed... I'm excited, clearly.

 No one else got the memo that they were supposed to make a stupid "we're eating crab" face.

Not only does this guy bring his own crab feed supplies with him to the crab feed... he also became the highest bidder of the night during the live auction (and no, he didn't bid on the Kindergarten quilt).  I've got some amazing friends :) 

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