Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bowling & Crafting

Damien's on a bowling league, so today we took the opportunity to go and practice with him... and left the baby at home with his favorite sitter.  It was definitely a good time- and Deacon LOVES bowling... he's not half bad- if you take away the gutters :)

We got home to find a very unhappy little mister... poor thing was just miserable- which is very uncharacteristic of him when Ms. Christina is here babysitting- he loves her to pieces!  Anyway... poor thing has an ear ache :(

After a quiet evening we went on a little ride to get ice cream... and came home for bathtime & bedtime (for Zachary) and bathtime, piano homework, valentines day craft, stories & bedtime (for Deacon).

Another beautiful day in Sacramento...

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