Monday, January 10, 2011

See you soon, Nana...

Tonight is my mom's last night... and always, Zac is oblivious and Deacon is really sad.  I hate that broken hearted cry I hear coming from his room as my mom tucks him in for the last night before she leaves... he is just so upset that he won't see her in the morning (we leave for the airport around 5:30am), and that just makes everything seem so much worse.  I love how my mom is such a part of his life and his relationship with her is as if she lived next door... but it makes it all the more difficult for me as a mom- I have to look Deacon in the eyes tomorrow and know that it is my choice to stay here in California... keeping him away from his Grandparents.  And I know he loves it here as much as I do... but the day after Grandma leaves, he just doesn't understand.  He wants, so badly, to live in Ohio... and there is no convincing him that it would be SO much easier for his grandparents to move here as opposed to us relocating ;-)  I know that in a week things will be back to normal around here... and he'll be back to missing his Grandma like normal- which is a lot easier for me to deal with.

 Zac's all time favorite Nana activity is sharing a bowl of Cheerios... he screams for "CEREAL" almost daily- and when he does that, this is what he wants.  He just loves "sharing" his cheerios with his Nany.

 We got a fire pit!!!  I am SO excited... and so were the kids... though you would never know this by the looks on their faces.  They did have a good time roasting marshmallows... though neither of them liked the taste of the roasted marshmallow... so instead, they just kept lighting the marshmallows on fire and eating the raw ones. 

Thanks for coming, Nana... we've loved having you here- thank you so much for all that you do... despite your criticisms about my incorrect blog wordings.  See you in 3 months... 
And dad- thanks for letting us keep mom for so long :) 

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Laura said...

This post pulled at my heart. My Mom and Dad are also far away from us. And they come to visit every 3 months or so. My oldest is also upset when they leave and will call them to ask when they plan on coming back. <3