Monday, January 31, 2011

Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Challenge

Those of you who follow me on facebook (which I think is pretty much all of you) know that I've been doing Chalene Johnson's 30 day challenge "to master organization and achieve your goals."  It sounds dramatic, but this challenge has seriously been life changing for me... and I am SO thankful that not only did I commit to COMPLETE the challenge, I also got a few of my friends (and husband) to do the challenge with me... and through the power of facebook I got some old high school & college friends, as well as some colleagues to participate too.  Today should have been my last day with the challenge, but because work and life got in the way, I took a few days off... but I never once strayed from the daily rituals Chalene recommends doing.

Because of this challenge Damien and I have made some very serious financial and personal decisions... and the decisions were made a lot easier because of some of the exercises we had done from the challenge. The daily challenges have encouraged such an amazing dialogue between the two of us.

It's also been a neat experience going through this challenge with two of my best friends, Lisa & Dawn...  we've been able to help each other with our goals and talk through some of our challenges.  Not only is it encouraging- it's motivating... and it reminds me daily how amazing my friends are.

SOOOO... the point of this blog post wasn't just to brag about how amazing I am and how great I've been doing on this challenge- but it is to ENCOURAGE you all to complete this challenge as well.  I get absolutely no "kick backs" by recommending this program... I just really believe in it.

So click HERE... and let me know what you think.

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Lisa B. said...

I'm SO glad I heard about this from you! I'm on Day 14, and actually feel like it's brought A LOT of organization and sanity back into my life. I tell everybody I can about it. And, like you, as a result, it's motivated me to make some major life/financial decisions. And, I feel confident I'm doing the right thing, because it will be in perfect alignment with my priorities!