Sunday, January 16, 2011


Lately these brothers have been really good friends... and I totally get why they're not best friends all the time- their age gap is a bit big... one wants to play with Legos by throwing them all over the room while the other is building intricate things like roller coasters and castles.  But lately?  They've been really playing... and I love it.  And I alway say something like, "awww, brothers..."- so Zachary will repeat me and say "awww bubbers..."  I love hearing them in the other room chasing each other... "Zachawee! Come chase me!"- to which Zac always responds, "Ok bubby!!!  Coming!"

I am absolutely in love with these boys... I love this house of boys I've got- and think I'm pretty lucky... most of the time.


Laura said...

We're having similar experiences with our two boys. I had a moment of complete perfection and satisfaction as I watched them trudge through the snow together to go sledding on Saturday evening.

So in love with these boys!

Lisa B. said...

Aww - what cuties! I can't wait until Phoenix has a little brother... or sister :)