Monday, December 13, 2010

A weekend filled with birthday parties... and sulking

So... for Christmas my parents bought me a plane ticket to fly home this weekend.  My best friend is making his theatrical playwright debut and from the moment I heard this debut was happening I knew I wouldn't miss it for the world... but what I wasn't banking on was a blizzard.  See, this is why I hate snow and really don't ever want to live anywhere near the horrid stuff.  I am still really sad about missing the show, but each day I feel a little better.

I think Damien was secretly doing the happy dance when he learned I was staying... yes, he was sad for me, but this weekend and subsequent week days are set to be REALLY busy for Deacon- so having me home was a huge blessing to him... so instead of a quiet weekend sitting by the fire with my dog and parents, I spent the weekend keeping up with Deacon's social calendar- which involved two gymnastic birthday parties.  Yippee!  Thankfully I love the parents of Deacon's friends- so it wasn't too bad hanging out at said parties ;-)

(oh, and of course my camera died the minute after I took this one random picture)

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