Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I love that on most years I get to spend the day with my mom on her birthday... I miss out on a lot of holidays and gatherings being out here- but this is one I typically get to celebrate on the actual day, in person.

We started the day at Tower Cafe, went shopping (and found a new and amazing store- Lakeshore teacher bookstore... SO fun!!!) and then came back home for some down time... this evening Dawn, Cory & family came over for Gingerbread house making, dinner and cake.  The original plan was to make this lovely gingerbread house yesterday at Dawn's, but the boys never got around to doing it... and when it came time to leaving yesterday both Deacon and Aiden were pretty disappointed that they hadn't made the house.  So today seemed like a good alternative... plus, cake {and ice cream for Cory} was involved- who can pass that one up?  The kids, as always, had a great time... but the funniest part was how Zac reacted to having house guests... he was going cuh-razy and having a blast showing off for his friends.  Deacon and Aiden essentially disappeared into Deacon's room, as evident by the explosion of Lego's we found... and all the while the adults got to sick back, relax and enjoy each others' company... sort of ;-)

So happy birthday to my bestest mom in the world... thank you for choosing to spend your birthday {and many other days} with me and my boys.  You are truly loved and appreciated- it's not every day that Deacon offers one of his "spend" dollars up so freely.  Thank you, also, for helping me prepare the meal, supervise me making the frosting and cleaning helping clean my house...

We love you {more than anything}!!!

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