Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dovewood Court

Today was fantastic!  My dad got in this morning right before naptime- and the kids were really excited to see "BeeBa" (as Zac calls him) before they took their naps.  Dad was supposed to get in late last night, but due to plane issues, he had to spend the night in Denver.  Yuck!  But he's here now and we're thrilled!  After a relaxing day we loaded the kids in the car and drove out to Orangevale to walk through Dovewood Court (a cul de sac of about 15 houses that put on this amazing Christmas lights display)... my absolute favorite holiday tradition.  They do such a great job with these lights... and tonight was PERFECT for our outing.  It wasn't raining and the weather was so mild.  The kids and adults all had a blast!-- oh, and we totally made Zac wear his nifty kitty outfit... and he got at least FOUR *compliments*!!! HA!

Oh, one more thing... Dovewood Court is, by far, my favorite holiday tradition.  But today, something majorly turned me off at one of the houses.  There was this big sign that said "Happy Holidays" inside a big circle with a slash over the statement... and underneath it said, "Merry Christmas!"  I am all about people saying what they want to say... I really dislike this whole "war on Christmas."  If someone says Merry Christmas- fantastic!  Who am I to stop you?  But if I want to say Happy Holidays to be inclusive of all those who are celebrating this season, why is that a bad thing?  Why did this person feel inclined to put this sign in the front yard?  I just wish we could all just drop the whole negativity and be thrilled to be blessed with so many holidays and options to celebrate family, friends and a higher power.  (ok, sorry... off my soap box!)

 Zachary was SO annoyed we were asking him to stop looking at lights and pose for a picture!  But it's a really sweet picture of daddy & Deacon!

 He LOVED the Thomas the Train & Mickey Mouse light display in this garage!  We probably could have stayed there the entire night.

 Again, Zachary is completely uninterested in looking at the camera... and I forgot to turn on the flash.  But if you look closely, it's a really good picture!

This was Deacon's favorite display... mainly because you could press a button and make this obnoxious bell ring- it was so insanely loud... all the boys were pressing the button non-stop.  I'm not quite sure why the owners haven't destroyed that stupid thing quite yet!  HA!

Tomorrow we're heading to the Fab Fourties to look at lights... I love Christmas lights and I hope that my kids love it as much (or at least almost as much) as I do- because we're not going to quit this holiday tradition anytime soon!!!  When we get back from lights tomorrow night, presents from Grammy & Grumpy and Uncle Derek will have "magically" appeared under our tree... I am SO excited for them to have their first gifts to open.  I love getting all this shopping and stuff done early... but it's SO hard to keep all the gifts a secret for so long!!!

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays as much as we are!  

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Natalie said...

Your post got me thinking...on the very FIRST Christmas Jesus was born...a JEW! Looks like you guys had a great, fun-filled week! And happy anniversary!