Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Lights... San Francisco style

Tonight we called upon one of our favorite babysitters to watch Zachary so the rest of us could head over to San Francisco to see the city lights.  We got tickets to take a cable car tour of the city- and it was seriously the best tour of the city I've ever taken.  It was SO much fun- and we learned a few new things too!  We had a great time singing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs, shouting MERRY CHRISTMAS (and Happy Hanukah to a few) at every street corner and wearing Santa hats through my favorite city in the entire world.  We were true tourists... which was incredibly slightly embarrassing during the times I thought we may run in to people I could know, LOL.  But seriously- a great time... we did this in place of riding the Polar Express- and I am so thankful we did.  Deacon really loves the Polar Express, but this was SO much cheaper and just as fun (if not more fun due to less crowds!).  We will definitely be going back next year!

(I bet you'll never guess which part Deacon loved the most?... yeah, the part where the driver told him he could ring the trolley bell "as much as he wanted.")

... and my favorite quote of the night- on the way home Deacon yells, "Mommy... I'm so tired- I just want to take my pants off!!!"  This was, of course, after he says to me... "mommy... I just don't want to sleep with any clothes on tonight, ok?"  HAHA!!!  Poor guy was so exhausted he was somewhat delirious by the time we were half way home.

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Gina Thomas said...

ahhh! looks like such fun and it is wonderful to see your parents in the pics. Thank you so much for your amazing comments on my blog! I couldn't email you back directly because it just says "no reply:(" but I wanted you to know that you made me feel a million times better. I know that Dave would make a list a mile long of things for me to do because he would think that I was "home" so I could just do housework and sometimes i just get so muddled with being away from home that I would almost do "anything" to be home all the time...but I know that I would probably then wish that I was working out of the home. Perhaps I wish I worked part time? ha! But then I like the pay check. Perhaps I don't know what I want other than more time at home:) But regardless I loved your comments and am sending you a HUGE hug over the internet and still want you to guest post sometime:)
love u!