Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

I LOOOOOOOVE Christmas Eve!!!  Everyone got their Christmas pajamas right before we went on our ride to see the lights in the Fab 40's... Damien was such a good sport with the pajamas I picked out for him :)  The Fab 40's did not disappoint- their lights are gorgeous and classic... Deacon was in awe the entire time- and it kept Zac's attention for about 20 minutes (which is a pretty big accomplishment).  When we got home the presents from Grammy, Grumpy & Uncle Derek had "magically" appeared under our tree!  Deacon and Zac were pretty excited about their new toys... Deacon got a construction set and Zac got a fire station Duplo set from Grammy & Grumpy.  Uncle Derek got the boys some neat art supplies, which they begged to play with... but being so late, I said no.  But I did let them put together their gifts from Grammy & Grumpy, which made them quite happy.

The kids went to bed and we all got to work wrapping and putting the gifts under the tree... as well as sweeping up the oatmeal we left outside for the reindeer and eating the cookies we left for Santa.  An absolutely perfect night!  I cannot wait until the morning- I think I might be just as excited as the kids!!!

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