Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brave boy

I know it seems not so brave... but for the kid who HATES water touching his face and head, this is a pretty big accomplishment!  He was pretty pleased with himself and kept laughing... until, of course, he got water in his mouth and eyes... then he panicked.  But until that point he had a great time!  What a brave baby :)


Katy said...

Hi Amanda! I moved my blog roll list to my favorites pane (I simply was not accessing others blogs from off of my own since I don't go to my own blog constantly). It's been awhile since I dropped by to say Hi!

This is such a funny picture and I'm glad bathtime is better for him - I wish kids would realize how fun it is rather than cry (like mine sometimes do!)

Lisa B. said...

How funny - Phoenix has been doing the exact same thing for the past few days :)