Sunday, November 21, 2010

Have I ever mentioned...

... that Damien sews?  Like, really well, even.  

I approached him a few days ago with a challenge... sew outfits for the boys.  I couldn't find anything at the stores that fit what I was going for... and when I searched the bargain bin at Joann Fabrics, I came across some lovely material that would be perfect.  Damien gladly accepted the challenge and got to work on Friday night... and finished both pieces on Saturday evening.  

Good work baby!!!

I don't plan on posting the reason we needed these lovely garments... however, I will post a picture of mine, which I purchased at Walmart (surprised?)

And lastly... this is my new favorite "Zac look"-- I'm sure the look had nothing to do with the outfit Damien made him, or the outfit I had to borrow from his little friend, Allison.


Tracy said...

wow! A husband that sews?!?!? Amazing! Does he cook and clean, too? Can you hire him out?

Martha said...

I LOVE that Zac look!

Natalie said...

I wish Joseph sewed- however, I am certain that if we were both to sit through a beginner sewing class, he'd come out better at it than me. Happy Thanksgiving!