Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deacon & Daddy time

Deacon & Damien got to experience their first ever live professional basketball game this past weekend!  For his birthday, Deacon's little friend, Mason, had his "party" at the King's game... the kids (and some parents) got to sit in the lower level, dine on fine concession stand cuisine, and even run out on the court after the game.  Deacon (and Damien) had a BLAST... and he is now a huge fan of the King's- which is quite unfortunate seeing as though his mommy & daddy aren't big sports fans, LOL.  

I get real sick of our friends having such cool birthday parties... I mean, how am I supposed to top this???!!!  Good thing there aren't any sporting events happening in Sacramento around the time of Deacon's birthday ;-)


hiyaluv said...

whoa! what a cool birthday! that is awesome:) what about the tumble bus or is he too old for that? haha;) shows what I know! on another note I ADORE your family photo:)

hiyaluv said...

i just had an idea. does Deacon like star wars? perhaps darth vador or chewbaca could come to visit? aka damien could dress up? :)