Friday, October 15, 2010

Deacon is shy?!?!

This is going to come as a pretty big surprise to those of you who know Deacon the best...

This week his kindergarten class was in charge of the morning assembly- and at the end of the week whichever class is in charge of assembly gets on stage and does some type of performance.  This morning his class was going to perform two Halloween songs.

When Deacon got on stage he did a very good job leading the prayer, meditation, Carden song and the pledge... but then when the kids in the audience stopped participating and just watched kindergarten Deacon got SO shy.  He later told me that it was "ok..."- he, "just had some stage fright." HAHA

I love the way they walk around... at first I thought they did this as a respect thing, or something... I don't know.  Anyways, I finally asked and Mrs. Brown (his teacher) looked at me oddly and said, "No, we just do it so they don't touch each other when they're in line." LOL.   

 Leading the prayer

 Starting to sing their song

 Yep... he's checked out.

Happily walking back to the safety of their kindergarten classroom.  A job well done :) 

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