Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Grandma left us on Monday... and I'll be honest, it is always so hard to get back into a routine when she leaves.  We are so spoiled with her presence-- not just in what she does for us physically... but also in the time she spends playing with and loving on our boys.  Zac is a little extra clingy and will randomly ask for Nana... and, of course, continues to sing all of her songs, play her games and look for her in her bed in the morning.  I think Deacon is finally getting used to the "Grandma routine"-- Granmda comes, stays for a while, then goes back to Ohio... and I don't think he's as depressed as he usually is, mainly because he knows she'll be back soon.

So anyway, tonight was our first night all together home as a family... and the boys kept us all entertained with their games in the bathtub.

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Martha said...

Thanks for the great pictures. I miss my boys!