Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Grandma left us on Monday... and I'll be honest, it is always so hard to get back into a routine when she leaves.  We are so spoiled with her presence-- not just in what she does for us physically... but also in the time she spends playing with and loving on our boys.  Zac is a little extra clingy and will randomly ask for Nana... and, of course, continues to sing all of her songs, play her games and look for her in her bed in the morning.  I think Deacon is finally getting used to the "Grandma routine"-- Granmda comes, stays for a while, then goes back to Ohio... and I don't think he's as depressed as he usually is, mainly because he knows she'll be back soon.

So anyway, tonight was our first night all together home as a family... and the boys kept us all entertained with their games in the bathtub.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cuteness... and escape attempts.

YAY Deacon!!!

Deacon had his very first Spelling and Math tests today and he got everything correct!!! SO proud of him...

His words were:

(and I'm not sure what the math portion of the test was about... I think adding?)

Our favorite visitors...

Tonight we had the pleasure of bringing the puppies over for a visit... and the boys were in absolute heaven.  It makes me miss having a dog... and I love seeing the boys with a dog- too bad I have no desire to deal with dealing with cleaning up poop in the backyard, dog hair all over the house, potty training a puppy, finding a puppy sitter when we go out of town, etc...

Deacon is absolutely obsessed with getting a pet right now... due to the fact that his little friend, Mason (Tanier's little boy) has recently become the proud owner of a lizard and a dog.  First Deacon wanted a lizard- I said no.  Then he wanted a fish- I said no to that too.  He finally asked what he as allowed to have and I said that someday, in a long time, he could have another dog... that is the only acceptable pet in this house.  So his current goal is to figure out just when he can get this beloved dog...

We *LOVE* Elmo... and our good friend, Angie

About a month ago, I e-mailed my friend Angie... I saw this adorable crochet Elmo hat on her blog- I had to have one!  So I told her that I would trade her a birthday banner for an Elmo hat... and thankfully she was excited about the trade!!!  We are all in love with this hat!  It is so cute!!!  Perfect for the next couple months as it's getting cold!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I know I've said it a million times... but I am absolutely, 100%, in love with Carden. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be THIS happy with our choice to send Deacon to Carden... I knew I would like it... but I don't just like it- I love it. Carden is like family to us.

Today was our Harvest Fair- which is our big fall fundraiser... and it was so much fun. Perfect weather too- high 70's (maybe low 80's... but Carden is very shaded). I got there at 8:30am because I had entered the chili contest and I was judging the bake-off... plus, being on the committee, I needed to help set-up. I brought Deacon with me and he did such a great job playing with the other kids and staying out of the way while we were all setting up. My mom showed up with Zac around 11, but left pretty shortly thereafter because Zac was feverish :( I was planning on Deacon being supervised by my mom and going home around 1:30 to nap with Zac... but when Zac and my mom left early I decided that I'd let him stay the rest of the day with me. Dawn & Aiden showed up around 1ish and Deacon loved showing off his school to Aiden.

By 4, Deacon was DONE. Thankfully Damien was back from his soccer coaches course and was able to take home Deacon... and I stayed until about 6:15 helping with the clean up. And as exhausted as we all were, we all had a good time cleaning up... and no one was complaining... and everyone was so appreciative of everyone else... and I love that (I'm all about "words of affirmation").

I'm so proud of our little school... we raised so much money and we did such a great job, despite quite a few obstacles along the way!
My big contribution to the Harvest Fair this year was coming up with the idea for the Class Project (each class puts the project together... hence "class project).  The Class Project is auctioned off at the Harvest Fair and is typically a decent money maker.  In the past, the classes have made scarecrows and decorated styrofoam pumpkins-- and both these class project ideas were cute, but they were HUGE and no one really wanted to bid on them because of size and the storage issue.  Anyway, thanks to my amazing friend, Dawn, who came up with this calendar idea... and when I presented it to the Harvest Fair Committee they were all a touch skeptical at first, but agreed to let me do it.  I can honestly tell you that I have been SHOCKED at how well received this project was... I have received so many compliments about the whole thing... but the biggest compliment happened today during the live auction.  In the past, the class projects auction off between $15-$30... this year, the kindergarten calendar (the one pictured above) went for $82!!!- and all the other grades were similar!!!  It was amazing how much everyone loved these!!!  Yay!  (and a huge thanks to my mom who really helped get these put together)

 Sundi did a GREAT job as our emcee!!!  He really got the parents bidding higher and higher for the calendars.  This is during the bid-off for the 3rd grade project.

 This is Sundi yelling at me to bid higher for the kindergarten project

Me and Deacon right before he went home... 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Another traumatic horse head experience... sort of

We all remember the last time we introduced Zac to a horse head... (click that sentence to see)

Well, it should surprise you not to see that Zac was NOT very pleased that my dear friend, Kristina, sent us 2 more horse heads (which will be put to good use during her visit in TWO weeks!).

Zac finally kind of warmed up to the horse heads when we showed him how to beat the crap out of them... but was more than happy to pet the "doggies" goodnight and get the hell away from them.  When he saw the horse heads again later this evening he started screaming again, LOL.

Deacon is shy?!?!

This is going to come as a pretty big surprise to those of you who know Deacon the best...

This week his kindergarten class was in charge of the morning assembly- and at the end of the week whichever class is in charge of assembly gets on stage and does some type of performance.  This morning his class was going to perform two Halloween songs.

When Deacon got on stage he did a very good job leading the prayer, meditation, Carden song and the pledge... but then when the kids in the audience stopped participating and just watched kindergarten Deacon got SO shy.  He later told me that it was "ok..."- he, "just had some stage fright." HAHA

I love the way they walk around... at first I thought they did this as a respect thing, or something... I don't know.  Anyways, I finally asked and Mrs. Brown (his teacher) looked at me oddly and said, "No, we just do it so they don't touch each other when they're in line." LOL.   

 Leading the prayer

 Starting to sing their song

 Yep... he's checked out.

Happily walking back to the safety of their kindergarten classroom.  A job well done :) 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Damien

Pumpkin Patch

(I'll give you one guess as to which child freaked out by the "grossness" of the pumpkin seeds and slop... and which child didn't care)