Sunday, September 12, 2010

I did it!!!

I have been wanting, so badly, to start doing photography as a side business... I love taking pictures, but I just really don't have the time to start the business, take the clients, edit the pictures, etc... Anyways, a year ago my good friend Greg approached me asking if I would take pictures for his high school reunion.  I said "sure" - but reminded him that I am far from professional... but I would do a good job and I would be cheap :)  Sold.

So tonight was the night!  I had such a great time... and even ended up on the wrong side of the lens a few times.  I could really get used to gigs like this... and it was the motivation I needed to start looking how to do this on the side more often.

Enjoy some of the random pictures... I obviously didn't take a few of them, LOL


Martha said...

You got paid for this????!?!

Tracy said...

the bottom one is classic. :) what year was this? I have my 10 year HS reunion coming up next month.

hiyaluv said...

awesome! :)

Lisa B. said...

I've been talking about doing something like this on the side as well... but yikes, I'm certainly no pro either! Congrats on your first gig!