Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day of Kindergarten: CHECK!

Oh I am just so proud of our boy... so proud.  I'm beaming.  Mrs. Brown (his teacher) said he did a great job and that she could tell he was in "a very good pre-school program."  She said he did a nice job with the transition- that he had no tears, no issues... and he loved all the learning he was doing.

Deacon said his favorite parts of the day were P.E. and recess... though he did speak very highly of his French lesson (despite the fact he couldn't tell us anything he learned, LOL).  I picked him up right at the end of the day- and he was just so excited to tell me all about what he did... and he was thrilled about going home to do homework (seriously).

I just cannot believe his first day is complete... he's officially in Kindergarten.

And for all you Deacon fanatics (i.e. Grandparents)... enjoy the videos.

This video is not all that exciting... but I love that it shows off the classroom buildings and all the trees that surround the campus.  It is just absolutely gorgeous and old-school.  Enjoy the 15 second video of Deacon running off with his friends Skyla and Mikey...

This video is pretty long... but I love that it shows off a bit of the assembly.  Again- I don't expect many of you to watch and enjoy it- but I do know my mom will at least like it ;-)


Martha said...

Oh God -- call me Damien! I cried!

hiyaluv said...

so cute:) i still can't believe you have a kindergartner!