Monday, September 6, 2010

Farmers Market... and a lesson in sharing

We took the kids to the Farmers Market yesterday... it was really crowded and the kids lasted all of about 30 seconds before they were yelling and crying about wanting to go to the park.  So we literally ran through the market buying the few things we needed and picked out a few pieces of fruit and pastries for the park... Oh, and on our way through, we, of course, had time to pet the fish--

And we finally got the chance to walk run over to the park... Zac refused to sit in his stroller at that point- and of course Zac's own older brother was so oblivious to any help his little brother may have needed... but Aiden was there and more than happy to hold Zac's hand along the way.  Aiden is seriously such a good big brother... 

After running around for a little bit, the two littles sat down for a snack.  Allison had a peach and Zac was feeling really slighted that all he got was a handful of "cho's" (aka- Cheerios)... Thankfully Allison was a really good sharer and VERY patient... though I wish I could say the same about Zac.

Notice the look of disgust on Zac's face?

Oh here... I'll calmly hand you MY peach, even though you screamed at me and nearly took it out of my hands before I had the chance to even think about giving it to you.

Is he seriously shoving the whole thing in his mouth?  I just meant he could have a bite!

May I have my peach back, please?

No seriously kid... I want my peach back.

She's using force now... he did not listen to the voice of reason.  And he is NOT pleased.

Notice she hasn't even put the peach in her mouth and he's already demanding it back!  

Oh, and can you believe this kid is starting kindergarten tomorrow???... yeah, me either.


Dawn said...

Too cute!!! Fun day!

Martha said...

lol ... LOL ... LOL!!!

Unknown said...

So fun! Good luck with Kindergarten!

Theresa said...

That's hilarious.