Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I got my new lens!!!

Damien is rejoicing... he no longer has to hear all about how he broke my old lens now that I have my new one in hand.  I got to use it for the first time tonight and I'm totally in love... these pictures really do not do the lens justice- the room was pitch black, and the kids wanted nothing to do with my picture taking... when Grandma is here, the moto around the house is, "Mommy who?" - which I can't complain about too much, but I do get a bit jealous since Zac is such a daddy's boy... and Deacon honestly wants NOTHING to do with us when my mom is around!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Francais! (it means "French")

Months ago, when we finally decided on Carden for Deacon, I was excited about the prospect that they taught French.  Mostly because that's what I studied oh so long ago in High School and College and thought it'd be a great opportunity for me to "re-learn" it as Deacon learned.  So imagine my disappointment when after the first week, Deacon couldn't even tell us his French teacher's name (She goes by Madame - French for ma'am or madam).

As the weeks went by, it was like pulling teeth, getting him to tell us what he had learned in French class.  According to Deacon, for an entire week they learned to say mother, father, sister, and brother (though the only one he remembered was sister, soeur, the one he doesn't need).  So I all but gave up, figuring maybe next year in 1st grade he'd really start to get it.

Foe some reason, tonight, while snuggling before bed, I figured I'd give it one more try.  He said a few things that were unintelligible to me... maybe French, maybe just nonsense, so I just let it go and said good night.

After a few minutes, he said, "Daddy, I know how to say 'have'... it's 'a'."  Which is actually right, but it could have been a fluke.  So I congratulated him and let him know I was glad.  A few seconds later he said, "a book is 'le livre'.... 'Il a le livre'," which means "He has the book."!!!  Then he proceeded to say, "J'ai le livre. Tu as le livre. Elle a le livre." (I have the book. You have the book. She has the book.)  I was excited and totally amazed.  Had he been storing this all up?!?

Then, as if to want to top it all off before going to sleep, he said, "Le sac à dos a le livre."...




The backpack has the book.

Good night, Père (father).

Good night my sneaky little genius! Je t'aime!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Catch up!

I have been a horrible blogger lately!  I am so sorry for that.  Every single member of the family has been suffering from that same croupy illness that Deacon had a week ago... we've all been miserable.  Zac had it after Deacon... and then Damien had it (well, he still has it) and then Damien gave it to me (and I still have it too).  A couple days ago I had no voice... and thankfully my voice has returned in time for me to do some major work events this weekend.

I don't even know where to begin with an update... mainly because I honestly don't think there is anything major!  Deacon is still doing great with kindergarten... and every week makes strides in soccer- he keeps getting better and better.  Zac is also doing well... nothing new to report with him!

Enjoy these pictures of the boys... nothing horribly exciting- but I felt so bad I hadn't posted in a while, so I got out my camera this evening before bedtime :)

He's really into wearing my headbands... and I thought this one looked particularly handsome against his beautiful red hair.  The shirt is also very fitting... it's his new favorite word.

I turned on Baby Einstein for Zachary... and guess who was enjoying it more?  Deacon has always thoroughly enjoyed those Baby Einstein movies (especially the Baby Noah video)... we hadn't watched them in a while and I certainly didn't expect my 5 year to still think certain parts were "laugh out loud" funny.  

Typical Zac grumper face

Zac loves it when Deacon lets him sit on his lap... 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soccer day!

Deacon is feeling so much better this week and was quite {oddly} pretty excited about soccer this morning.  Our game was supposed to be at 11, but didn't start until 11:45 because the ref's were running late.  Our boys took it in stride and did a great job trying to relax and do a little practicing before the actual game.  Unfortunately for me, however, this meant trying to keep Zac occupied {and happy} even longer than expected... which wouldn't be that big of a deal, but the poor boy is sick :(

Our kids did so well this week... we didn't win, but we scored a couple goals, blocked some goals- and most importantly- they had a really fun time playing.  The other team had probably 3-4 six year olds on the team... and nearly everytime one of them got control of the ball they ran and scored a goal.  It got old really quick, but our team seriously never gave up and kept cheering and smiling the whole time.  I will say that it was somewhat funny to look at our little guys next to these bigger kids who just towered over most of our players...

I love the look on Artie's face... he was seriously staring down the biggest kid on the other team.  We were all laughing so hard.  

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A night with nothing to do???!!!

This happens SO infrequently... we hardly knew what to do with ourselves tonight.  Zac has been super cute lately with Deacon- always wanting to sit on his lap, gives him hugs and kisses and asks Deacon to read him books.  This child really loves books- but has absolutely zero attention span... so you'll sit down to read and he'll get up within 10 seconds.  But he'll sit down and read to himself for about 25 seconds.  It's really sweet... until I get involved and try and take away his paci- or even worse, when I get involved and try to get a cute picture with me and Zac.  Oh the horror.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I did it!!!

I have been wanting, so badly, to start doing photography as a side business... I love taking pictures, but I just really don't have the time to start the business, take the clients, edit the pictures, etc... Anyways, a year ago my good friend Greg approached me asking if I would take pictures for his high school reunion.  I said "sure" - but reminded him that I am far from professional... but I would do a good job and I would be cheap :)  Sold.

So tonight was the night!  I had such a great time... and even ended up on the wrong side of the lens a few times.  I could really get used to gigs like this... and it was the motivation I needed to start looking how to do this on the side more often.

Enjoy some of the random pictures... I obviously didn't take a few of them, LOL


Poor Deacon... he's spent the past couple of days not feeling well- on Thursday I got a call from Carden that I needed to come get him.  He had been coughing and had a raspy voice, but nothing prepared me for his condition when I picked him up... he was wheezing and having a hard time breathing.  I booked it to Urgent Care where I was told that he probably just "had a cold."... um, yeah- it's not just a cold when my kid can't breathe.  The guy couldn't hear his wheezing... but that was because Deacon's airways were SO tight you, of course, couldn't hear the wheezing.  Anyways- after the breathing treatment Deacon felt SO much better and (surprise surprise) you could hear his wheezing now.  We were sent home with meds and instructions to not return to school until Monday.  Deacon was so sad because the Carden family picnic was Friday night.  So I told him that if he was a good boy on Friday and rested all day we would go to the picnic... I'm so glad we were able to make it because it was so fun.  The kids were all running around having so much fun- Deacon's running around was sorely limited, but he still had a great time.  Zac had a blast too... mainly because Papa and Ms. Tanier were there... and there was food.  What more could he want?

Today (Saturday) we had Deacon's first soccer game of the season... our boys try so hard and have a lot of fun when they're out there.  They may not be the best (to say the least), but they're probably the greatest kids around (though I might be a little biased).  Deacon so badly wanted to be able to play and participate, but he would get on the field and last all of 1 minute before needing to come out.  Hopefully next week proves better for him...

Sorry for the lack of pictures... I'm still without a good lens, so all the pictures I've taken really suck except for a few randoms here and there.
Zac at the picnic

Deacon kicking the ball... 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day of Kindergarten: CHECK!

Oh I am just so proud of our boy... so proud.  I'm beaming.  Mrs. Brown (his teacher) said he did a great job and that she could tell he was in "a very good pre-school program."  She said he did a nice job with the transition- that he had no tears, no issues... and he loved all the learning he was doing.

Deacon said his favorite parts of the day were P.E. and recess... though he did speak very highly of his French lesson (despite the fact he couldn't tell us anything he learned, LOL).  I picked him up right at the end of the day- and he was just so excited to tell me all about what he did... and he was thrilled about going home to do homework (seriously).

I just cannot believe his first day is complete... he's officially in Kindergarten.

And for all you Deacon fanatics (i.e. Grandparents)... enjoy the videos.

This video is not all that exciting... but I love that it shows off the classroom buildings and all the trees that surround the campus.  It is just absolutely gorgeous and old-school.  Enjoy the 15 second video of Deacon running off with his friends Skyla and Mikey...

This video is pretty long... but I love that it shows off a bit of the assembly.  Again- I don't expect many of you to watch and enjoy it- but I do know my mom will at least like it ;-)

His first day...

So I just dropped Deacon off at Kindergarten... and we he did such a great job.  He asked if I could drop him off and let him run ahead "like the big kids."  I explained that his first day of kindergarten is a really big deal... so mommy really wants to be there to take pictures, meet other parents, meet the kids, etc... So he says, "well, ok, maybe you can just walk behind me, ok?"  LOL  I don't feel too bad because I know he's just doing it to exert some independence... because he was still very willing to give me hugs and kisses in front of his friends as we tearfully happily left.

So here's how it all went down (the play by play... for the grandparents anyone who cares):
We got there and immediately went into picture taking mode... and as we're standing in the parking lot taking his picture in front of the sign, a car pulled up next to us and the mom in the car says, "Ooooh, it's so nice to see another kindergarten mommy!"-- hmmm, wonder what gave it away that I was a kinder mommy?!?  Right then Deacon's friend Mikey showed up... and they were both SO excited to see each other.  The boys stopped long enough to let us take their picture together and then we were able to go to their classroom, see their cubbies and desks... and then it was time to PLAY!  The kids all get to play on the big playground before morning assembly (this is a daily occurrence)- and I think this will be one of the highlights for Deacon.  All the parents and the kids were SO sweet.  Mason showed up a couple minutes later- Deacon was now truly in heaven.

At 8:20 one of the 8th graders got to ring the bell, which signified the start of morning assembly.  The kids all line up with their classes... and our little kindergarteners did so well- they just lined up and followed the lead of all the other kids.  One of older kids got to lead the morning prayer, blessing, pledge and song... Deacon did so well- considering he knew none of what was being said.  This is when I started to cry... just seeing all these kids together- praying, being respectful and happy... it was so neat.  Mr. Cone got up to speak after that- he greeted the children and they all said, at the same time, "good morning Mr. Cone, we're doing well, thank you.  How are you today?"  HAHAHA!!!  It was the sweetest thing...

So after assembly the teachers took the kids to the classrooms... I got to sneak one last kiss in before it was time for me to actually leave Deacon- and he hardly noticed.  He was just so excited to be there... and I was so excited for him.  I'm so proud of him- he did so well... So here are pictures from our morning.  I'm sure I'll do another update tonight when he gets home :)

"Mom... are you really making dad take a picture of me getting dressed?"  YEP!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Farmers Market... and a lesson in sharing

We took the kids to the Farmers Market yesterday... it was really crowded and the kids lasted all of about 30 seconds before they were yelling and crying about wanting to go to the park.  So we literally ran through the market buying the few things we needed and picked out a few pieces of fruit and pastries for the park... Oh, and on our way through, we, of course, had time to pet the fish--

And we finally got the chance to walk run over to the park... Zac refused to sit in his stroller at that point- and of course Zac's own older brother was so oblivious to any help his little brother may have needed... but Aiden was there and more than happy to hold Zac's hand along the way.  Aiden is seriously such a good big brother... 

After running around for a little bit, the two littles sat down for a snack.  Allison had a peach and Zac was feeling really slighted that all he got was a handful of "cho's" (aka- Cheerios)... Thankfully Allison was a really good sharer and VERY patient... though I wish I could say the same about Zac.

Notice the look of disgust on Zac's face?

Oh here... I'll calmly hand you MY peach, even though you screamed at me and nearly took it out of my hands before I had the chance to even think about giving it to you.

Is he seriously shoving the whole thing in his mouth?  I just meant he could have a bite!

May I have my peach back, please?

No seriously kid... I want my peach back.

She's using force now... he did not listen to the voice of reason.  And he is NOT pleased.

Notice she hasn't even put the peach in her mouth and he's already demanding it back!  

Oh, and can you believe this kid is starting kindergarten tomorrow???... yeah, me either.

The whole team... (minus one... plus a few)

One of the little boys on our team got to take home the "class mascot" last week from Kindergarten.  His only request?  Take the monkey to soccer practice... so we got a group shot with the class mascot.