Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why do I ever worry about him???

I'm not sure why I ever worry about putting Deacon into a new social/academic environment.  He thrives on meeting new people and having new experiences like this.  He loves it.  He has been having so much fun at camp this week... and while he has said a few times that he misses his daycare friends, Ms. Tanier, Papa and Ms. Christina, the kid is really enjoying the new change of scenery!

He's also loving his new haircut... I'm getting used to it a bit, though I'm very excited to see it grow out!  He's also got that weird thing around his mouth again that I'm guessing I'll need to go get medication for soon- thank God it's not contagious!!!

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Anonymous said...

Cool looking little dude!! Very handsome ... like the new cut. Eat yogurt for the mouth thing. ac