Friday, August 20, 2010

How we play soccer

First we look tough... and we position ourselves to look like we know what we're doing.  We call it "our game face."

Next... we all run as a group chasing after the same ball.  Power in numbers, right?

When we play a one on one game, instead of trying to get the ball the traditional way, Deacon turns into major defensive mode.  He runs up to the ball with the other player, but then turns around to run the other way... in order to block their shots.  He instinctively thinks like this.  No matter how much you yell, "KICK THE BALL AND RUN TOWARD YOUR GOAL!"- he just turns around and plays defense.  It works in our favor sometimes.  We actually have 2 kids on the team that do this every.single.time.

We're always supportive of each other... 
(notice the tears... )

We let our friends score a goal... even though he picked the ball up with his hands and placed it in front of the goal to do so

And we always end as a team...

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Natalie said...

aww why was the little dude crying?