Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cal State Fair 2010

We went to the California State Fair this morning... we've gone every year since we moved up to Sacramento and always have a good time (well... almost always).  Deacon rode some rides... even though the first ride took some major convincing on my part.  The hardest part is getting him on the ride... once he's on the ride he starts to panic a little, but I can easily distract him with future bribes.  After the ride starts he always has a good time.  The day was a success- not too hot, no one got sunburned or hurt, and we ate some amazingly good (but not so good for you) food.  The California State Fair prides itself on finding the most ridiculous foods to serve... typically of the fried variety.  They have every fried food imaginable... this year the new foods included fried bugs and fried alligator.  They also had chocolate covered bacon.  Damien ended up getting this heart-attack inducing sandwich that included cheese sticks, french fries, batter fried steak, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo (on a hoagie).  The kids and I were boring and stuck to corn dogs and cheese on a stick.

My favorite part of the day?  Deacon, Zac and I were sitting down eating our lunch while Damien was in line getting his and this older couple sat down at the table with us... this couple each had a funnel cake with strawberries and whipped cream and they also pulled out an orange.  Well, my kids took that as an invitation to beg for their food.  It started with Zac who immediately started signing "all done" to his food and started pointing to their food furiously signing "please."  He was frantic.  So the Grandpa was super sweet and gave Zac half his orange.  So what does Deacon do?  Oh, he turns and asks the Grandma if he can have half of her orange.  Thank GOD they are grandparents of younger children and were SO understanding and sweet... they ended up sharing part of their funnel cake and oranges with my children.  I was mortified- but everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves- and really I guess that's all that counts :) 

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