Sunday, August 15, 2010

Best "team moms" EVER

This morning Dawn, Lisa & I went to Tower Cafe for breakfast before we went to the Farmers Market... and we learned that all 3 of us volunteered to the the "team moms" for our kids' soccer teams this year.  Were we surprised?  Yeah, not so much.
PERFECT way to begin my Sunday... kid free (that's key), french toast and the farmers market.


Lisa B. said...

Cute pic! Looks like a fun time out with the girls! I have yet to do much anything without my little guy... since I work full time, I feel like I HAVE to spend every other minute with him. And, it doesn't help that a handful of people close to me think I'm selfish and money-hungry for being a working mom. ("Every mom should stay home for at least the first two years...") Ugh! How do you do it?!

Amanda said...

Lisa- Oh my gosh that is HORRIBLE that you have people in your life like that... I seriously hope you don't give them too much of your time and attention. It has taken me YEARS to become this comfortable in my own "working mom" skin. I can tell you that I am so comfortable with being a working mom by CHOICE. I love what I do professionally that I cannot imagine not doing it. I also am NOT a stay at home mom type... the mere thought of staying home with my kids all day long stresses me out. Anyone who thinks me staying at homes with my kids would be better than them being in daycare is crazy, LOL. I feel like it's so important for my kids to see that I'm more than just mom... I also think it's important that I get some time with my friends to take a break from work and family for a bit. My husband gets out and does stuff like that too... it's a priority for both of us. I really think you should try it out. Start small. We went to breakfast and then to the market- we were home by 10:30 and spent the rest of the day as a family. My kids didn't feel deprived... I honestly don't think they knew I was missing until I got back, LOL!!!
Mommy guilt is horrible... but what is even worse are the moms who try to make you feel guilty for making your own decisions that differ than their own. Makes me think they're over compensating for something... or that they're jealous you have a life outside of being a mom. Some moms love staying at home... others don't. Why can't we all just come to terms with that??? You know?

Lisa B. said...

Thank you SO much! I feel SO much better after reading your post. I completely agree with everything you said, and am going to have to SERIOUSLY start taking a few of your mommy ideas as well. I can do breakfast & groceies - and be home by 10:30! I'm especially fond of how you take turns getting up early with the kids - so you can take turns sleeping in. So far, I've been the one that gets up at 7-8am every day with Phoenix... not that I'm complaining... but it would be nice to incorporate our own D3 every now and then! Again, thanks for the reply! Reading your reply was just honestly, SUCH a breath of fresh air, you have no idea!