Saturday, August 21, 2010

Berry picking @ Apple Hill

Today we went berry picking at Apple Hill.  I've never been berry picking before, so this was super exciting for all of us.  We had the pleasure of going with Mason, Tanier and Sundi (aka Ms. Tanier & Papa).  We all had SO much fun picking and eating a TON of berries.  They were sooooooo sweet and sooooooo good!!!  It was a perfect day for it all too.  After berry picking we had a picnic (with 'juice box wine') and ran around played for a couple hours... and had a lot of rough house time with Papa and daddy too.


Unknown said...

Super fun and you are rocking that hat momma!

Martha said...

You are blessed!

hiyaluv said...

i love the hat:)

shauna0923 said...


I wanted to stop by here and thank you for your sweet and heartfelt message that you left on my blog. It always helps to get comments from people who have been through something like that before. You have a beautiful family! Your 2 boys are so handsome and I hope they bring as much joy to your life as my little girl brings to mine:) Thank you again!