Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. My busy season starts in a couple of weeks... I really am not prepared for it at all.  I've really enjoyed my slow season.  I'm preparing myself to tackle my busy season + soccer + swimming + kindergarten.  I can do this.  Right?  

2. Deacon started soccer last night... and Damien is, once again, the coach.  I love watching the two of them in action.  Damien does such an amazing job with these little kids... I know not everyone is cut out to "coach" a U6 team (kids between the ages of 4-6)- but Damien really is made for this job.  He truly enjoys it and the kids love him.  Deacon also does an amazing job not clinging to Damien and treating Damien as his "coach"- it's something I thought he might have a hard time doing this year... but nope!  Proven wrong!

3. Speaking of soccer... I get to be the "Team Mom" this year.  I'm oddly really excited about the opportunity- and think I may be taking it too seriously, LOL.

4. I still haven't gotten used to the fact that Zac is NOT a picky eater.  I know that sounds really weird... but I'm really used to preparing meals/snacks for a picky eater (Deacon).  Deacon likes things that are plain and could probably eat the same thing all week for dinner... Zac, on the other hand, prefers things with spice and a kick... he loves veggies and meat.  He'll try anything.  Sure- he might spit it out... but he rarely turns down a bite.

5. We finally found Deacon a "boy ring."  He loves it.

6. We still haven't unpacked from Ohio... nor have we completely done the laundry.  It's gotten out of control.  Thankfully we have company coming over on Saturday afternoon- which will force me to pick up significantly. 

7. Deacon is really enjoying summer camp... and I cannot begin to tell you how much I love Carden.  I know we picked the absolute best school for him- I couldn't be happier.  Ok, I could be happier if the school were closer to where we live... but oh well.  I think this school is one of Sacramento's best kept secrets...

8. The stomach flu caught up to Damien last night and lasted into today... thankfully his was really really mild, but he stayed home due to the fever and stomach ache.  As much as I adore my husband, it's days like today that I realize how much I love my job... and don't like having to share the house during the workday.  I'm happy to report that he's feeling much better and will be going back to work tomorrow :)  

9. We're trying to get Zac weaned off the bottle... and thankfully the daytime process has been pretty seamless.  The nighttime process, however, is a bit more challenging and not really anything we're willing to conquer quite yet.  And yes... he is still waking up once in the middle of the night.

10. Last night Deacon told me he wanted to go back to Ohio, "without mommy, daddy or Zac."  He was very specific about this- and told me he just didn't feel like sharing his Grandparents.  How nice of him.  


damien said...

What you didn't say about you wanting the house to yourself and me being home sick was I spent the entire morning in Deacon's bed so I didn't bother you.

Amanda said...

And what you fail to mention is that you chose to sleep in Deacon's room so I wouldn't bother you with my phone calls!!!

Unknown said...