Monday, July 26, 2010

Ohio days #15-17 ... lotsa stuff

We've had quite a busy few days...

On Saturday my sister and her family left Ohio to go up to Michigan to visit Matt's side of the family... the cousins had such a great time together and were all very sad their time together was ending for this trip.  When they left, Deacon cried.  It was so heartbreaking.  And again, I was left wishing that California, Ohio & Texas all resided next door to each other.

On Saturday night Alison, Dan, Damien & I went up to Cleveland to see Brian and Pierre's show, Lil Abner... and it's so amazing to me that we can all just pick up where we left off.  And it didn't feel as though I hadn't seen these people in over a year... it felt like just yesterday.  And I didn't want it to end.

On Sunday my parents hosted a little get together... so many of my friends came and instead of taking pictures like I wanted to, my camera was left sitting on the table while I soaked up the little time I had to just "be" with my friends...

Today... Monday... we had a really relaxing day.  I met up with Alison for a pedicure and a manicure... it's our last day to hang out before she leaves on her honeymoon and we go back to California... SO happy we got to see so much of each other... she's like me- but sings better, is obsessed with Jewish men and has gross feet.  And then this evening we met up with Dan to eat at Cameo (a local pizza favorite).  The boys LOVE and adore Dan... which isn't surprising to me at all.  Outside the Cameo there is a park - and this is a park that both Dan and I played at growing up... and they still have a lot of the same playground equipment... and I just find it so surreal watching my babies play on these little horses that I used to adore.  After dinner we went home, put the kids to bed and left Grandpa in charge while Damien, my mom and I met up with Dan and his mom to see a movie.  Grandpa did a great job and the rest of us enjoyed some kid-free time as well.

The past few days have been beyond amazing... I have not laughed so hard in a long time.  And yes, these days have been filled with many re-telling of old jokes ("you had your chance!!!"), laughing at stuff that probably isn't funny to anyone but us (you like rice?  you like pudding?  what's the difference?)... you know, the usual.  But I love it more than I love most things in life.

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