Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today was THE day... the day we went to the WORLD'S LARGEST RE-CIRCULATING POOL!!!  Yippeeeeeee!!!

The last time we went to this pool we thought Deacon would be really into riding down this slide... and we were so wrong.  He went down the slide and was traumatized... but not as much as I was.  See, once you get up there, you pretty much have to go down- and you cannot go down on the lap of your mom/dad. So Damien literally had to shove Deacon down the slide... and I was there to catch him.  Parents around me gasped when he went down because he was so upset and then I got dirty looks from other parents... and I honestly still get teary eyed when I think about the incident.  It upsets me so much... and for years Deacon reminded me of this slide frequently.

Anyways... today was different.  He WANTED to go down the slide and LOVED it.  Sure, he was skeptical when he got up there.  But he went down and he smiled when he came up out of the water.  Success!  He also spent a lot of time going down the BIG diving board in the deep end... all by himself.  Seriously folks he's such a big boy.

We had so much fun hanging out with Cousin "Big Girl" (as named by Deacon when he was 2... and as you see in the pictures, she's really not "big")... Deacon absolutely loved her and was so sad when he woke up from nap to learn Kyra wasn't still here.  He spent the rest of the evening asking when we could go back to his "favorite pool EVER!!!"

I'd say today was a good day.

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