Monday, July 12, 2010

Ohio day #3 - Cincinnati Children's Museum and playtime at home

Last night was horrible... well, trying to get the kids to bed was horrible.  Finally around 10:30 both of them were asleep-- and they both slept until around 7 and 8:30.  I was so worried that they were going to both wake up miserable, but thankfully they woke up in great moods... so we were off to the Cincinnati Children's Museum for a morning of play.  And we had a great time.  It was perfect for both boys- and on the way to lunch Zac was so tired he started falling asleep.  He didn't entirely wake up until we were eating our lunch and our waitress spilled iced tea on his head... yeah, it was lovely- but hey, we got our meal compted.

After naptime we hung out at the house and visited with Grammy & Grumpy's friend, Margie... who just happened to bring both boys a ton of toys.  They just love Margie- and all their new toys ;-)

So instead of trying for reasonable bedtimes, we waited until 9:15 to even start bedtime routine... and (knock on wood) they are both now asleep-- which is probably what I should be doing too.

Deacon trying to act like Banana

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Again -- thanks!