Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ohio Day #2 - Relaxing at home

Today was all about relaxing and having fun... the kids did so great traveling yesterday that today we decided to take it easy.  We went to iHop for breakfast and later on went to the Lego store, but other than that we stayed at home and played outside a lot!  Both boys are totally in love with their Grammy & Grumpy... but we are shocked at how great Zac, in particular, is doing- this is our very stranger phobic little boy... and he is in LOVE with Grammy & Grumpy.

Enjoy the pictures... major picture overload here- but I couldn't narrow them down!

Grammy & Grumpy got this cool frisbee toy that we played with ALL day... it was an instant favorite

Deacon LOVES Banana... but really, what's not to love?  He spends a good amount of time chasing the poor dog around the house shouting commands at her... she listens about 1/4 of the time.  The cat, on the other hand is not as excited about Deacon.  It took almost until this evening for the cat to finally make an appearance.  He was NOT pleased when Deacon came over to pet him... 

After naptime we went to the Lego store... and Deacon really wanted Grumpy to help build the Power Miner with him- in the end Daddy took over.

The boys got plenty of attention today...

And we ended the day perfectly with Graeters Strawberry Chip


Martha said...

GREAT pictures! Thanks! -- I needed that!

hiyaluv said...

i love your boys! so cute!