Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ohio day #12 - KALAHARI!!!

Oh my gosh today was SO much fun... we got to Kalahari (indoor waterpark) at 10 and didn't leave until 4.  The kids had the most amazing time and by the time we got home we were all exhausted- but not too exhausted to go out to Toft's after dinner, of course.

Anyways, for the first time EVER we were able to convince Deacon to go down one of the big kid slides... and I'll tell you what... he was SO brave and I was SO proud of him.  Crappy thing about the whole ordeal?- we went up the stairs and got on the wrong slide... we got on the slide that went fast, was super dark and just overall scared the crap out of Deacon (and me).  Poor boy was so scared- and what sucked is that we had told him the slide was NOT dark- by the middle of the ride he had started falling into the tube which scared him even more... but he stayed brave and didn't cry.  By the time we came out he was somewhat traumatized but realized how brave he had been and was really pleased with himself.  However, he didn't go on a single slide the rest of the day.

Despite the slide mishap we had so much fun- and no one got sunburned.  Score.


Unknown said...

Super fun!

hiyaluv said...

yay! fun! and no sand in the buttcrack-even better!