Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ohio day #11 - Friends...

Today Damien's friends from college came to Sandusky to visit us with their two boys.  Our 4 kids are all the same age and had a great time playing with each other... well, Zac & Brogan just kind of stared at each other and there were only a few minor paci stealing incidents.

Great time with friends... no denying.  They stayed for over 4 hours and I know they could have stayed longer if it weren't for those pesky kids we have needing to go to bed ;-)

After playtime with the kiddies and friends my friends Alison & Don came over and took us out for drinks/appetizers.  We planned on going out for an hour or maybe a little over an hour... but 3 hours later we finally made our way home.  


Zac dancing... he knows how to get down

Zac's expression is hilarious to me.  

The boys with their boys... 

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