Monday, July 5, 2010

My favorite part of the day yesterday...

We had a lot of fun yesterday... we were at Greg and Lisa's all day.  And when I think back about the day, this is, by far, one of my favorite parts.  It's probably not as funny to anyone but me, Dawn, Lisa (and maybe Greg)... but it seriously cracks me up.

Here's what happens.

Me, Lisa, Dawn and Greg are sitting on the patio enjoying a few drinks while the kids are inside watching a movie (a "forced rest").  All of a sudden Greg LEAPS up and runs over to their garden area screaming about a rat.  He's over by the tree in full on survivor mode (honestly this story is best told in person by Dawn... I'm doing a huge disservice here by typing it... I should video record her doing it)... he's crouched down running side to side trapping this rat.  He screams, "LISA!!!  GO GET ME A SHOVEL!!!"

And what does Lisa do???

Get Greg a shovel?


Here's Lisa's response...

"No.  Get your own f'ing shovel"

It was said in the most non-chalant way imaginable.  And all the while Greg is in panic mode trying to get this rat... so Dawn comes to the rescue, as only Dawn can in situations like this (I swear Greg & Damien owe Dawn so much...)... and Dawn suggests that Greg use the closest thing to him to kill the rat (poor Rat... R.I.P.)-- the pool equipment.  Minutes later, Greg is proudly walking back to the house to find a shovel to dispose of the rat... and that's when Lisa and I go view the situation.  Here's what we saw..

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Samantha said...

I totally appreciate that you can't really see anything on the video. Because my curiousity got the best of me, forcing me to watch it.