Wednesday, July 21, 2010

10 on Wednesday... Sandusky inspired

Ok, ok... I know I missed it... I get it.  But I'm on vacation and get distracted easily- especially with all these amazing people and good food surrounding me.

So we'll get to it... 10 on Wednesday.

1. My mom is a home ec teacher... but growing up never did the cooking.  If my mom was in charge of dinner we would eat things like soup (canned), green beans (canned) and/or cereal.  If my dad cooked we got a home cooked meal.  Go figure.

2. I think Damien and I have both gained 10 pounds since coming home... and now especially since we're in Sandusky- we've woken up every morning to donuts and my parents have stocked their kitchen with every imaginable junk food.  YUM.

3. The kids are LOVING the lightning bugs... and thankfully Deacon is finally learning how to truly catch a lightning bug- for the first few nights he would smush them as he would try to grab them in his hands. Thankfully the lightning bugs we've caught the past couple nights have all lived.

4. My sister, brother in law and two nieces are also in town this week... and Deacon is in absolute heaven.  How did he get so lucky?  He's got Milo, Grandma, Grandpa, Sarah, Emma, Aunt Beth, Uncle Matt and oh yeah... mom, dad and Zac.  Life is good.

5. 10 people in a medium sized house makes for interesting sleeping arrangements... but we're loving it.

6. Toft's is the best ice cream ever.  Ever.  Better than Graeters.  I made that decision tonight.  Graeters can hold their own, but Toft's has my heart.

7. Zac's new favorite words are "doggie" & "cookie"-- we hear the two all the time.  He's still addicted to signing "please" as well... it cracks us up because he'll still sign it like a mad man and we have absolutely no clue why he's signing "please" to us.

8. We've been gone 11 days... and it feels like we just got here yesterday.  I'm so sad our vacation is over half way over.  I miss California but my friends here are my heart-- and my heart breaks when I know I see them once a year.  It sucks.

9. We're all addicted to So You Think You Can Dance around here... absolutely addicted.  And we love Kent & Lauren the best.  We're a bit biased toward Kent because he's from O-H-I-O.

10. If you knew Milo when he was our dog in California I know this is going to be really hard for you to believe... but believe it... he is MORE spoiled now that he's living with my parents in Ohio.  It's ridiculous.

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